Monday, January 26, 2015

Rosette Valentine's Heart

Ooh, I just love Valentine's Day! Its the one time of year that I get to decorate in pink! As I have become a parent to all those sweet little boys, Valentines Day has become more fun for me as I plan out little ways to show them how much I love them. Plus, decorating the house in bright colors and focusing on love helps me get over those post-holiday blahs. That's why this rosette heart was so much fun to make.

This project is so versatile and there are so so many ways that you could vary it! I scaled my heart to make it a focal point but you could easily scale this down to a much smaller heart.  Or put those rosettes on a white washed many possibilities!

I just love how this heart adds the perfect amount of pink to the room without being overwhelming. Are your ready to make your own rosette Valentine's heart?

For this project you will need:

  • assortment of fabric scraps
  • hand needle and thread
  • glue gun and sticks
  • paint and painters tape
  • 24 inch by 24 inch board (or really any size or shape your want!)
  • optional: upholstery staple gun, if you want to add a ribbon to hang it from 

I started out by cutting my fabric down to 2 inch strips.  The lengths of the fabric varied depending on the size of the scrap...this will make some rosettes smaller or larger and add variety. 

I just kept cutting until I had a nice little pile of strips. The amount of strips you need will vary depending on how big you want your heart.

After my strips were cut, I started making rosettes.  This is the most time consuming part of the whole project.  These were perfect to work on while I had some free time to sit down or while I was watching a TV show! To make the rosettes, you start by twisting your fabric.

Then roll the fabric into a flower shape, taking your needle and thread and securing each layer with a stitch. When you reach the end of your fabric, tuck the end in and sew it down.

Before long you should have a bunch of pretty little rosies!

Now its time to get your board ready.  I sprayed mine with several layers of gray paint.

Then after it dried, I taped off a 1 inch border and painted it white.  

Now its time to add those rosettes! In the middle of my board, I arranged the rosettes into a heart shape. If you are nervous about getting your heart shape just right, you could print off a large heart template to help you.  I personally liked free handing it so it didn't feel too cookie cutter.

Then I secured them to the board using hot glue.

Make sure your rosettes are snug next to each other.  Mine even overlapped a little bit as I wanted to make sure that the heart looked full and had plenty of texture.

After you have your heart exactly how you want it, its time to pop that board up on your mantle or favorite shelf.  If you don't have a place to set it, you could easily use some of your scrap fabric to make a ribbon to hang it from.

I love the simplicity of the heart and the depth of the texture!

It adds the perfect pop of pink to my living room.  

I hope you enjoy making your rosette Valentine's heart!