Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lego Minifigure Valentines Box

This is the first year that one of my little guys has needed a Valentine's box for school. Since my oldest is obsessed with Star Wars and Legos, we threw around a couple of ideas like the Millennium Falcon or a giant Lego, but I soon realized that with a jam packed schedule this week, that we didn't have time to do anything too elaborate. Our solution was a Lego Minifigure head. With all of the hype surrounding the new Lego Movie, I knew that this would be a hit with the little man and his friends. And the best part was that it was simple and quick to make!

To start out, you will need a roundish container with a lid (this was the closest thing we had), yellow spray paint, a Sharpie (mine was actually a paint marker, but a normal marker will work just fine), a razor blade, and white craft paint.

To start out, you will need to mark on the lid a slot to cut out.  I made mine extra wide so there was plenty of room for all those little fun-sized candy bars.

Next, peel off all labels on your container.  If your container is like mine, you may need to soak it for 5-10 minutes in soapy water to get the labels off.

 While your container is soaking, use the razor blade to cut along the marked out area on the lid. In less than 15 minutes your project should look like this:

Then it's time to paint.  I used Krylon Fusion For Plastic.  I didn't want any of the paint chipping off on the way to school and ruining his Valentine box so I made sure that I chose a spray paint made specifically for plastic. Make sure to coat your container well and let it thoroughly dry before continuing on.

When my container was dry, I grabbed one of my boys' Minifigures and used it as a template to free hand its face onto the container. I added a few dots of white paint to the eyes and I was done. I am definitely not an artist (as you can tell), but my son liked it so I chalk that one up to a big win for me!