Monday, November 11, 2013

Stamped Give Thanks Banner

I know there are several of you who come here for quilting/sewing posts and to you I sincerely apologize for the lack of quilting posts. I have several quilts in the works right now and hopefully soon I'll have some finished enough to share with you.  In the meantime, here is another quick crafty tutorial.

This little Give Thanks banner will take you 20 minutes, 30 at most to make.  For this project you will need:

  • 10 burlap triangles 4 inches wide by 5 long.  These can be cut from burlap yardage.
  • Foam stamps
  • craft paint
  • sponge brush
  • Allene's fabric fusion
  • ribbon/trim to glue banner to

To start out put your paint on a plate so you can paint it onto your stamps.  The reason you will want to paint the stamps is so you can make sure the paint is only on the letter and doesn't get on the sides of the stamp.  You can also better control the amount of paint on each stamp so there is more uniformity in your lettering. Paint the stamp.

Make sure you have something behind your burlap when you stamp as the paint will bleed through.  Place stamp in the middle of the triangle and press firmly, making sure not to slide the stamp.

Continue until all of your letters have been stamped.

Grab your ribbon/trim and measure out how much you will need.  I chose to do one banner for "Give" and another for "Thanks".  You could put all of the letters onto the same banner too.

Next, using Allene's Fabric Fusion pen, fuse your ribbon/trim onto the back of the triangles.  You can also apply a small bit of the fabric fusion to the edges of your burlap to prevent fraying.



  1. That is really cute, where did you get the stamps?

    1. They are a scrapbook stamp from Making Memories that I've had for years.