Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Little Subway Art

Lately I've been shopping around for some subway art for my little boys' room.  After I painted the stripes, I knew it was time to get serious about finding the perfect subway art. I'd loved this stretched canvas I bought at Target about two years ago, but I thought it was looking a little childish and nursery like.

After combing the internet (mainly Etsy) for some Star Wars subway art (my boys sure love Star Wars right now), I realized that I was going to have to budget a whole lot more than I wanted to. So I decided to design my own and I came up with these:

 I printed them off at 8x10's and framed them with IKEA Ribba frames.  The total cost of the project was just under $24...and $20 of that was the frames. You could definitely do this project for under $10 by choosing different frames or using some you already have. Another bonus of designing my own subway art is that as my boys grow, and their tastes change, I can quickly change up the art to match their current likes.

You can make your own subway art with these free printables.  Just right click on them, save them to your computer, then upload to your favorite photo printing service ( I used Costco).  These crop down best to an 8x10.  Also, mine printed out a little darker than they look on screen. Enjoy!

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