Monday, March 4, 2013

Kitchen Sink Light (and a few other things)

A few weeks ago I fell in love with this kitchen re-style post from The House of Smiths.  I love that she painted her cupboards white (that's on my to do list!) and I absolutely fell in love with her backsplash subway tile and the light above her sink.  When I found out that the light was the OTTAVA light from IKEA and it was only $30, I knew I had to have it. I had some extra money from selling a bunch of our old stuff and my mother was in town for the weekend...a perfect combo for shopping! I picked up a couple other things including some fake plants and a new soap pump.  I'd been wanting this soap pump from Target for the past few months and they finally had them back in stock this weekend!  I also snagged this stinking cute mirror for my dining room at Home Goods. There's nothing like freshening up the house just in time for spring.

Here is what the kitchen window looked like before, with basic lighting.

And here it is with the new light.  

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  1. I think our new finds for your house are awesome, it was fun shopping with you!