Thursday, February 21, 2013

Long Week

Is it really only Thursday? This week has been one of those crazy, busy, sick ones. My poor little baby man has been cutting his canines and battling croup and an ear infection.  Needless to say its made for some sleepless nights around here. The one good thing about sick kiddos is the fact that when they aren't miserable, they are sleeping.  The extra nap times have allowed me a little bit of time to refinish this desk.  We picked it up last Saturday at a local thrift store and after some wood glue, wood filler, and two coats of primer, it was ready to be painted.  I painted it the same aqua color as my hutch and it turned out so so cute.  We bought the desk to have a place to put our computer. Now if you know us, you know that we have a huge computer desk in our basement.  It was something that we had purchased as we were finishing up college.  We bought the monstrosity thinking that we would soon have a house to put it in, and we wanted an elegant piece of furniture. Ha! It takes up way too much space and is a magnet for clutter.  After I get done going through all of the clutter on it, it will be put up for sale. This time around, I wanted something clean and simple to put our new computer on.

Please excuse the dark phone photos...

 Over the next month or so, I will be doing a mini series on our bedroom re-style.  Our poor bedroom is the neglected area of the house that is still sporting builders grade white walls and bedding that is way outdated. As part of the re-style we are doing an office nook in our bedroom, since our living room is way too small to put a computer desk and our basement is unfinished...which means its a playroom war-zone down there.

Also, this week we learned paper piecing at quilt guild.  I'd done a one day crash course in paper piecing in college, but hadn't done much since.  I forgot how fun it was...after I remembered that I had to think backwards when laying out my pieces.  I'm super excited to be part of a quilt guild and love getting to hang out with people who are as nutty about quilting as I am. In fact, one girl I sat by brought her finished Swoon quilt to show and it made me even more antsy to get mine finished. I need more hours in the day to sew...

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